Crystal Apple Award for Barnett Elementary Awarded to Lisa Leach

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Lisa Leach has been a teacher at Barnett Elementary for 4 years as a sixth grade teacher and taught at Santaquin Elementary as well. Before becoming a teacher, Lisa started at Barnett as a Title I technician. She has served our school as the Science Fair Coordinator and supervises our Student Art Gallery.       

Lisa truly loves these things in life, Coca Cola, her 4 children, and being a teacher.  She is innovative, creative and works hard.  Her love of learning does not stop at what she is teaching but with learning and bettering herself as well. Lisa is the most positive optimistic person around.  It does not matter what is going on, she sees the good. She is not afraid to try something new if needed.  She is concerned about each and every one of the students in her class.  She takes time every week to teach math lab after school.  With teaching sixth grade, she is constantly surrounded by previous students that she has taught that come back to visit with her.  They are always so excited to tell her about school and how they are doing.  Lisa is a great team player and is always helpful.  She strives to make activities, lessons, and the atmosphere in her class and grade level, the best it can be.  She is the driving force behind our year end memory slide show and makes sure it happens.  Lisa takes pride in being a Barnett Bulldog. She looks for ways to make our school a positive environment where kids, teachers, and parents enjoy coming each day. Congratulations Mrs. Leach!


Article and Photo by Angela Stoddard