Day of Service at Barnett Elementary

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Friday, September 7, 2012, was a day of service from the Fishbowl Inventory company to the students and teachers at Barnett Elementary.  After arriving at school an hour before it began, most volunteers spent the first hour and a half of the school day helping out in individual classrooms to interact with the students and help the teachers with small projects.  The rest of the day was devoted to more large-scale projects: ripping off the decrepit picnic table tops and refurnishing them with new wood and then sanding and polishing it; moving, adding on to, and repainting the wall ball; changing broken basketball nets for new ones; and reorganizing and bagging the leveled library at the school--a huge project!  The students and faculty at Barnett really appreciated the help and would like to thank the Fishbowl Inventory company not only for their countless man-hours of service, but also for donating the wood for the wall ball and picnic tables, the basketball nets, and supplies for the leveled library.  The Barnett community would also like to thank Southgate Hardware for donating the paint and supplies to redo the wall ball.  It was a day of service not soon to be forgotten!


You can visit the Fishbowl Inventory company at their website:

Beth Knudsen