It's never too late to celebrate!

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It is never too late to celebrate the successes of Barnett Students! In October, Barnett Leaders and teachers gathered together for their Barnett Bulldog Pride Assembly. This was a special event. Not only did we get to recognize those awesome Top dogs and leaders this month, we were able to find out the winner of the packs! Congratulations to our red pack! 

October is such a tricky month to remain focused on our habits and our academics. We have fall break and Halloween that sneaks up on us and can make students (and teachers) lose their focus. However, these Top Dogs, Leaders of the month and Alpha dogs, never lost their focus. They remained on top of their school work and continued to be examples of leadership, throughout the whole month. Keep it up Bulldogs! Stay tuned to see who the next Top Dogs, Leaders of the Month and Alpha Dog winners are!