Kid History Assembly

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If you haven't seen the YouTube craze entitled, Kid History videos, you should definitely watch them!  Not only are they hilarious, they are related to the Barnett first grade teacher, Mrs. Patricia Hanson.  Mrs. Hanson was able to introduce her nephews to the Barnett students on Friday, April 26, to shouts of excitement and acclamation.  The presenters, Brett, Randy, John Roberts, showed several of their new videos with Kid Snippets (Math Class, Marine Biology, and Star Wars), along with their new line of videos entitled, "Kid Masterpieces," and the unveiling of Kid History Episode 10.  In addition to showing all of these hilarious and kid-inspired videos, the Roberts relations had volunteers from both the lower grades and upper grades answer comprehension questions about events in the different videos.  It was an entertaining assembly for which we thank Mrs. Hanson and the makers of Kid History!

Beth Knudsen