Olympics back in Utah...at least for the 6th grade

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On Friday, December 2, 2011, Barnett’s 6th grade classes participated in their own version of the Greek Olympics. There were six teams all representing Greek city-states including the Athenians, Spartans and Minoans. Students were split into two different teams within their own classroom. They made up their own cheers and flags for their teams corresponding with team colors. The Greek named teams strolled around the gym preparing for their Olympic games which included the Shotput ( using cotton balls), javelin throw ( using straws), fan the Greek, Chariot  and foot races and Greek wrestling.  The top students of each event from their team went on to the final round. The top winners from each event went on to the finals of each game.  Those final six, one from each team won a gold, silver or bronze. Among the 6th grade Greek Olympians winners were Tyler Anderson from Miss leach’s class with a Gold in the Javelin Throw and Colton Tracy from Mrs. Laudato’s class who won a Gold in the Shotput. This was a great culminating activity for their Sixth Grade unit on Greece and brought to life Social Studies for the students who participated.


Written by Lindsey Laudato, Edited by Amy Anson