Payson High Choir comes to Barnett

Submitted by sara.stout on

Today Barnett Elementary hosted an assembly featuring the Payson High School Choir. Over 50 high school students came and performed various holiday songs for the students including “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”, “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Star of Bethlehem”, and many others. The students loved listening to the joyous music, whether they were songs they had heard hundreds of times or melodies that were new to their ears. We loved hearing from the whole choir as well as hearing some a cappella numbers by their talented chamber choir. The assembly ended with all of the Barnett students joining in with Payson High School students in singing “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”. It was the perfect way to celebrate the arts as well as enjoy this wonderful time of year. Thank you Payson High School Choir for the fabulous performance! 


Written by Sarah Means