Reading Assembly Winners

Submitted by beth.knudsen on

Monday, May 20, was the final reading assembly for the 2012-2013 school year at Barnett.  It started out with a bang with the Barnett teachers doing the Harlem Shake up on the stage.  Books, money, games, outside toys, backpacks, and HangTime passes were given out for reading tickets, math fact tickets, and brag notes.  In the lower grades, students got to choose from bubbles, as well; in the upper grades, students got to choose from candy and an iTunes gift card, also.  In addition to tickets and brag notes being drawn, awards for 100% attendance, dedicated SuccessMaker users, and Hershey Track meet winners, were passed out.  

Two lucky students, one in the upper and one in the lower grades received a College Savings $50 Certificate: Ali from Mrs. GayLynn Buys class and Chenaye from Mr. Jack White's class.

The grand winners--bike and iPod winners--were chosen at the end. Before they were chosen, Mrs. Tessa Bradley, the music teacher, led the 1st-3rd graders in singing the Barnett song.  The winners of the bike/scooter were Timothy Fox and Sam Call.  The winners for the iPod shuffle were Zack Harrison and Morgan Holdaway.  

Congrats on the great reading all year, Barnett!

Beth Knudsen