Ronda Hair Named Barnett Elementary Teacher of the Year

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Mrs. Ronda Hair was chosen is Barnett Elementary’s Teacher of the Year for Nebo School District. Mrs. Hair began her career with Nebo School District at Barnett Elementary in 1999. She was the Assistant Site Coordinator for the CLEAR after school program in 2001 and in 2004 she was hired to teach special education in conjunction with the after school program. In the following years, Mrs. Hair taught half day special education and half day 5th grade. Ronda currently teaches special education full time, is an active member of our school CSI team (Critical Student Interventions), and is a team leader for the school leadership team. Ronda Hair works with our students who require the most love, attention, and understanding. She works countless hours, including weekends, to keep files current, plan engaging lessons, and make sure her students are receiving the best possible education they deserve. Parents know Ronda cares because of the rapport she develops with them. They trust her with their children and value the advice and recommendations she shares with them. She is someone who sees the value in every child and believes in them no matter what challenges they may have before them. Students love Mrs. Hair because she makes them feel special, smart, and important.Mrs. Hair says, “I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world and to our school. By focusing on what a child ‘can do’ and helping them to recognize their own abilities they are more prepared to take on new skills. I believe my classroom should foster risk-taking, invite a sharing of ideas, and aid my students to feel successful each day. I want my students to feel like their efforts to learn will be acknowledgedand rewarded.” Her dedication, hard work ethic, and love for students qualify her to be teacher of the year.Barnett Elementary is lucky to have Mrs. Hair! Congratulations!


Article and Photo by Angela Stoddard