Sixth-Grade Service to the Christmas Box House

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Barnett’s 6th grade classes have participated in a program called N.O.V.A. over the last few months, which teaches principles of bettering your life through learning life skills and building an awareness against alcohol and drugs. As part of the requirements for their N.O.V.A. class, the Sixth grade collected items to donate to the Christmas Box House.  Each student was asked to earn and donate one item. During the month of December the 6th grade students created crocheted beanies from looms the teachers had received a grant for the previous year. Students also donated brand new items for children through the Christmas Box House. During the month of January, the sixth-grade team received a letter stating that over $700 worth of items were donated to this cause. In the end they were amazed at how one item, when combined with others, could turn into a sizeable donation.  They learned that every effort counts.

Written by Lindsey Laudato, and Gwen Spencer; Photo by Gwen Spencer