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Get to know Miss Stephanie Sheets - 4th grade teacher!

I have taught 1 year in 6th grade and 4 years in 4th Grade at Barnett.

I am the youngest of 5 children and I am the only girl. I also have 7 handsome nephews and 4 beautiful nieces. I grew up in an outdoorsy family who enjoys camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing. We also love to play card or dice games.

I love to read, play sports, be outdoors, play games, and cross stitch.

In the words of my 4th grade teacher, I was the student who always got up after I finished an assignment to help my classmates. I guess I started being a teacher at a young age!

Sadly, my summer vacation will be consumed with recovering from ankle surgery. But, it will give me plenty of time to read all the books I've been wanting to read and finish a cross stitching project I've been working on for over a year! Always look for the bright side!

I have a goal to write more. I have always wanted to write book.

Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper
Favorite snack: Funyons

Sarah Sumsion