What Barnett Elementary is Doing During Testing

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Barnett Teachers will go to whatever lengths to help their students succeed. This time of year means, for all teachers and students, end of year testing! These tests are designed as a cumulative assessment for everything the student has been taught and how much has been retained. Needless to say, students and teachers can feel the pressure and in a stressful environment it is very hard to do well. Barnett teachers were asked what they have done to help their students do their best on end of the year tests. "I had Bobby Lawerence karate school come in and do a demonstration for my class. It helped my students learn the importance of focus and discipline. Viewing good test taking and karate skills as the same, we have been highly motivated to do well do earn our black belts in test taking!" (-Sara Stout) Judy Catlett in fourth-grade says that she's read some research that the scent of mint helps sooth the nerves and always has a minty aroma to help her students calm down during testing.  A few teachers have their kids do a brain dance to get their blood moving or an exercise of some kind. Several other teachers mentioned providing healthy snacks for their kids to munch on throughout the exam. 

Whatever the strategies of the teachers, every child will be able to perform better if they get enough sleep and a healthy breakfast! Thank you parents for all the support you are giving the students and teachers during this time of testing. 


Article and Photos by Sara Stout