Worthy of Celebration

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The beginning of the 2012-2013 school year at Barnett began with a vision, a goal, for the students. This goal was to get a school wide total of 70,000 days read this year--that means that 80% of the Barnett students had to read 5 days or more this year.  Not only did the students meet this goal, they surpassed it!  They read 79,500 days, which was 104.5% of the original goal!  It was fantastic!  As a school-wide reward for this amazing feat, it was arranged that the Payson Fire Fighters would come with their fire truck and spray down the students (at a distance, of course, since fire truck hoses are incredibly powerful).  The students had a blast playing in the water.  Great job, Barnett students with reading! Make sure you read this summer!

Beth Knudsen