January 2014

Getting the Chance to Share

Beth Knudsen
Brian Najarro starting out the Sharing Day.
Jared Peterson sharing his story about getting a scar.
Sydni Cowan sharing her autobiography.

Every five to six weeks in Mrs. Beth Knudsen's third grade class, the students get the chance to share a big writing project that they worked on for two weeks.  They go through the whole writing process--prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing--and then they are given the opportunity to share with the class and any parents who are able to attend.  On January 31, 2014, students shared their autobiographical stories.  Some students modeled their writing after examples like Jamie Lee Curtis's When I was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth, while others took a different route and wrote about a specific memory in their life that was important to them and helped make them who they are today.  Not only did the audience get a treat of popcorn, but they got to learn more about their classmates and laugh with them as some shared hilarious anecdotes.  Thank you to those parents who were able to come to support their children!

School-Wide Coat Drive

Lindsey Laudato


This week is our Barnett Coat Drive. It is headed up and organized by the Student Council.  Students and families are encouraged to bring used coats or jackets that are no longer being used at home.  Coats will be collected in each child's classroom and collected by the student council on Friday, January 31st. Three more days left! Thanks for all your support!


Why Being Safe is Important...and Not Just on a Bike!

On January 13, 2014, the students and staff at Barnett Elementary were favored with an assembly put on by Rich Wieber and his associates, Justin and Eric.  They are a bike stunt group that hails from Minnesota and they tour all over the country.  In addition to demonstrating how to make sure a bike is safe to ride and how to check for a perfectly sized helmet, Wieber and company explained how to be safe in life. They talked about how if you want to reach your goals, you need to practice a lot and be prepared for the progress to be slow.  The importance of having a clear mind was raised--clear from negative thoughts, and especially being clear from harmful substances.  The bikers shared their thoughts on how bad bullying is and how helpful it is to be a good friend and to find good friends who can help you safely achieve your goals.  Not only did they share all of this information with Barnett, but they showed us the work of their long hours of practice, including jumping over Mrs. Hair, Ms. Zylstra, and Mr. Applegate!



January Reading Assembly


During the second week of January,  students who had turned in their reading calendars for September, October, November, and December were given the opportunity to make baskets for cash.  Students names were drawn out of a box in both the lower and upper grades, with students having the option of letting a teacher of their choice help them to make baskets when it got too difficult.  Not only was reading celebrated at this assembly, but students who had received brag notes for good behavior and students who have done well on the monthly timed tests and received math fact tickets were awarded prizes.  It was an exciting assembly and students managed to keep Dr. Dropout at bay!