March 2022

Barnett Leadership Day 3-31-22

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For our Leadership Day this year, Barnett Elementary students performed several service projects for members of our community. They enjoyed being able to help and serve others this year. We believe that serving others is a sign of a good leader, and want to always remember to be a light and a leader in our community.

Amaya Flint (event organizer team lead), Maddie Evans (video compilation)

March Bulldog Pride

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Congratulations to our Bulldog Pride winners this month. Our Top Dogs and Leaders of the Month from each class were given a certificate, wristband, token, and a new book. 

Our Alpha Dogs, as nominated by the faculty, are: Mrs. Hanson (ESSER teacher) and Mrs. Peterson (school nurse).

Our Dog Gone Great Parent as nominated by teachers is Alexis Holloway.

Keep up the great work, Leaders!

Brag Board Winners!

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The Principal's brag board has filled up ... again!  Here are the top 3 winners that received a bracelet, token, and book of their choice.  The bullseye winners (names on the board around the 1st place winner) received a token and a bracelet. Keep up the great work, students!

3rd:  Abraham Castillo 

2nd:  Waylon Johnson 

1st:  Brantley Barbone 

Barnett 2021-2022 Yearbooks

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Barnett 2021-2022 Yearbook

Our Barnett yearbooks looked AWESOME last year ... AND it is time to order yours for THIS school year!!  Yearbooks will be available for $10.00 and can be purchased until April 1, 2022. Please contact front office for details 801-465-6000.

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We want to send a HUGE “thank you” to all of our amazing Parent Lighthouse Buddies for organizing and providing an awesome Book Fair this week!  Thank you thank you to Alexis Holloway, Amanda Webb, Rachel Miramontes, Kristyn Gunderson, Brea Wentz, Darla Pierre, Mauri Crandall, Kati

In Memory...A Beautiful Tribute

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Today was very special. Grandma Betty, Grandma Cara and Grandma Lois lost a dear friend of Barnett's, Grandma Ranae Mangelson. She used to come regularly to read to students here.

At her recent passing, her friends decided in lieu of flowers they would use that money to buy books for Barnett students. Today these sweet grandmas came and shopped at our Book Fair and purchased $300 worth of books to donate to each classroom. The books will be labeled in Grandma Ranae's memory.

What a beautiful tribute to a selfless volunteer and the faith she has in our students. 

Sarah Sumsion