the NED show

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The NED show came to Barnett last Friday.  Not only were students regaled with impressive yo-yo tricks, a story about aliens, and a very enthusiastic performer--John--but students were also able to learn about how to be a champion.  John and Ned shared tips on how to be a champion: Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best.  Students learned about how important it is to keep trying and never give up because as soon as we do, we won't ever be able to become a champion.  They also learned about how encouraging others helps others feel good but also helps the encourager to feel good too and that it has a boomerang effect: the other person will probably encourage you back!  It concluded with the admonition to always do your best because what's the point of doing something or trying something if you aren't giving it your best effort? Champions don't do that.

NED show yo-yos are on sale this week before and after school. 

Beth Knudsen