Say Hello to Miss McKendrick

Submitted by kali.brown on Mon, 07/19/2021 - 14:54
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Miss McKendrick comes to us from Spanish Oaks Elementary where she taught 4th grade. She has 8 people in her family and loves spending time with her siblings. They have family dinner almost weekly!

She loves hiking, pickleball, yoga, reading, camping, and traveling. She also likes to sing for fun. She has never been out of the country, but is going to Spain for a month next week. She is going to help teach a family English and do some exploring while she’s there.

Favorite drink: water or chocolate milk
Favorite treat: Dark Chocolate w/ almonds and/or sea salt

She wants our students to know that there is always hope, to be kind, and that she loves them!

#barnettleaders #bulldogpride

Sarah Sumsion