5th grade Colonial Day

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On October 4th, the Fifth Grade at Barnett Elementary participated in the annual Colonial Days. There was bread and candle making, wool spinning and weavig, and much more. For an added bonus, Mr. Pitcher came to play colonial style with some very excited students. Thanks to all of the 5th grade teahers and parent helpers for making it a fun and educational activity.

Gaylynn Buys


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Over the last three weeks Alexi Olson, Taisha Howard, Danielle Pugh, Miranda Tarter, Brookelyn Smith, and Danielle Downey of Barnett elementary folded and put together a trihectohexacontagon.  A trihectohexacontagon uses 360 pieces of multicolored paper, and is about the size of a beach ball.   Each piece of the trihectohexacontagon is carefully folded and added into the project.  The girls spent about 30 minutes a day over the course of the three weeks to complete the project.  This is like making your own huge Rubik’s Cube.

Miranda Tarter

Service for Haiti Victims

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Brookelyn smith is a 6th grade student in Mrs. Olson's 6th grade class at Barnett elementary School in Payson. She spearheaded a service project for the victims in Haiti, this is her story:

Brookelyn smith

Chad Hymas Assembly

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On March 2, Barnett Elementary was privileged to have a visit by professional speaker and wheelchair athlete, Chad Hymas. Principal Ryan Pitcher decided to ask him to speak to the students of Barnett after a moving presentation to Nebo Educators. His message to the students was to always be a friend and go out of your way to help others. The students loved his presentation and showed him their appreciation with participation and thunderous applause.

Hayley Kirkland